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Semeion Richardson is the CEO and founder of Artist with a Purpose. Semeion has an Associate’s degree
in Commercial Art and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Artist with a purpose was established in
2012 and continues to serve children and adults throughout the community. Artist with a Purpose is a
mobile art business that provide serves to people that deal with mental health issues through expressive
art. Semeion was the first woman and African American to win the Gold Key award from Walt Disney for
the best media art in Lake County, Florida. Semeion serves in the community doing art gallery shows,
teaching art classes, volunteering, and much more. She has also collaborated Artist with a Purpose with
Mount Dora Center of the Arts and Leesburg Center for the Arts, Headstart Centers, and Churches.
Semeion has partnered with any CEOs, executives, and small businesses to spread the word about
Mental Health through expressive art. She continues to reach out to other organizations such as Nursing
Homes, Colleges, public school, foster homes, and many more to talk about mental health awareness.

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